HTC: we’re not shutting down or selling factory sites

HTC: we’re not shutting down or selling factory sitesHTC recently recorded its first-ever quarterly loss, but the Taiwanese manufacturer continues to put a brave face on things as it endures a seemingly never-ending period of adversity.

In the latest twist to the tale, HTC says we shouldn’t read too much into certain facilities appearing to be closed. Honest.

It’s Reuters asking questions, with one of their crew reportedly stumbling across a factory in Taoyuan with a sign reading: "Lobby is temporarily closed for use. Thank you for your cooperation."

However, in an emailed statement, the Taiwanese explain: “HTC in not shutting down nor has plans to sell any of its factory assets. HTC has a very strong balance sheet and will provide the latest financials in our upcoming earnings call to investors and the broader community."

Marketing guy Ben Ho adds: "Like any manufacturer, we do volume planning to optimize our lines, our manufacturing and production facilities.

"Whether we are operating those facilities depends on market demand and our own expectations. When you have less demand you work with less facilities to optimize your costs. When you have demand, or bigger growth, you definitely have to activate all these facilities."

Factory action (or lack thereof) aside, it’s an undeniably strange time for HTC, once the darling of the Android world circa 2010's HTC Desire.

This year's HTC One was almost unanimously hailed as the sexiest piece of hardware in the world of mobile, but that critical acclaim – crucially – hasn’t translated into game-changing sales. It’s still all about Samsung.

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