HTC to ‘solve key pain points’ with ‘huge announcement’ in March

HTC to ‘solve key pain points’ with ‘huge announcement’ in MarchThe HTC One M9 Plus was a no-show at Mobile World Congress (MWC) 2015, leaving the Taiwanese manufacturer to take on the QHD Samsung Galaxy S6 duo with the 1080p much-the-same-as-last-year One M9 (left).

Unless! HTC promises to “solve key pain points” with a “huge announcement” later this month. One M9 Plus, anyone?

Business Insider quotes HTC's President of the Americas, Jason “J-Dawg” Mackenzie, in the wake of the One M9 launch in Barcelona.

"When I look at the flagship [the M9], I see we're building the most premium device. But I can't stop there. We have a huge announcement in middle to late March around extreme differentiation between Samsung and the iPhone. It solves key pain points."

That sounds incredibly ambiguous, and as such one might infer - logically - that a “key pain point” on the HTC One M9 is its relatively low resolution. We’re used to seeing a QHD resolution on the latest top-tier phones, while the One M9 - somewhat disappointingly - carries the same resolution as 2013’s One M7.

Alternatively, Jason could be referring to “pain points” on the iPhone and Samsung Galaxy devices. Following that train of thought, HTC might have some sort of iCloud-style backup service in the pipeline, to be rolled out alongside the One M9.

It’s anyone’s guess at this stage, but we’re not getting our hopes up for the One M9 Plus. To make matters worse, the HTC One E9 is tipped for launch out east, and rocks – you guessed it – a QHD display.

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