HTC One successor moves one step closer to release with Wi-Fi certification

HTC One successor moves one step closer to release with Wi-Fi certificationIf there’s one feature you’d bet your bottom dollar on the HTC One’s successor having, it’s surely Wi-Fi. No Wi-Fi, no phone.

Well, the HTC M8 or HTC One Two (or whatever the heck we’re calling it) has indeed passed its Wi-Fi exam, so you can look forward to, er, using Wi-Fi when it’s finally released. Oh, and we gots some specs, too.

Credit goes to Android Community here, which claims a bunch of HTC M8 specs have been revealed by the Wi-Fi certification process. Having said that, we’re not seeing anything in the accompanying PDF ourselves, hmm.

For what it’s worth, da Community says HTC M8 specs include a 5in 1080p display, quad-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 processor, Adreno 330 GPU, 2GB of RAM, 16GB internal storage (dear god, let there be microSD), and KitKat Android 4.4.

Nothing worth getting too excited about then (assuming they’re actually accurate), but of course there’s no mention of the rear camera (presumably HTC will stick with the UltraPixel schtick), battery (fingers crossed for a big'un), or design (the HTC One having picked up countless awards).

The Taiwanese will look to reverse their ailing fortunes in 2014, but with the HTC One garnering endless praise in 2013 while the Samsung Galaxy S4 was largely deemed uninspiring, you have to wonder what else HTC can do.

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