HTC switching to non-Samsung component suppliers

HTC switching to non-Samsung component suppliersI’m sure I wrote a story about Apple spreading the component supplier love, and ultimately being less dependent on its mortal enemy Samsung, though I’ll be damned if I can find it. Ah, here we are.

Jim Rumour reckons HTC is doing much the same thing, shifting various orders from Samsung to other suppliers.

That’s the good word from our favourite eastern rumourmonger, DigiTimes, and their ever anonymous “industry sources”.

HTC has reportedly reassigned its CMOS image sensor needs to OmniVision and Sony. Incidentally, the sources reckon Sony has been supplying HTC with Super LCD panels since H2 2010.

Meanwhile, a chunk of HTC’s AMOLED panel orders will go to AU Optronics. However, due to yield rate concerns, Samsung will still satisfy a portion of HTC’s desires.

The DigiMen don’t say exactly why HTC is in a huff with Samsung, though it certainly makes sense to spread things around for risk control purposes.

If there’s a more exciting story this week, I will literally eat my own hat.

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martin4  Oct. 10, 2012 at 18:44

Wow, that's really going to hurt Samsung.

socialjeebus  Oct. 11, 2012 at 04:39

Wow, that's really going to hurt Samsung.

The volumes (albeit reduced anyway with HTC's sales) will hurt Samsung though not by as much as the loss of Apple orders did.

Samsung too are trying to shift focus away from their own under-performing component business and they're trying to move into the healthcare/medical device market (something to do with the developed World's rapidly ageing populations).

Though the source seems a bit clueless to say the least, it's incongruous to say Sony supplied S-LCDs since H2 2010 as they were produced as part of the ill-fated Samsung/Sony (Samsung bought Sony out at the end of last year) joint-venture in Korea.


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