HTC teases One Mini with random infographic

HTC teases One Mini with random infographicMaybe it's some high-level part of 'Marketing 2.0' us mortals aren't meant to understand, but HTC has just confused us all by leaking, retracting and then posting again a teaser piece about the upcoming HTC One mini.

Accompanied by one of the longest infographics we've ever seen, the not-so-subtle blog post doesn't mention the One Mini by name, but instead pays “homage to little things that pack a big punch”.

The surreal infographic splurges forth about everything from Game of Thrones to the Large Hadron Collider, closing off with the old cliché “maybe size does matter after all”.

The HTC One Mini isn't mentioned once (thankfully its specs have already leaked), but the text of the blog post leaves little doubt as to what the whole thing's about:

“The HTC One, by many accounts, is the pinnacle of smartphone achievement. The beautiful metal design, powerful hardware, and innovative user experience pack a lot into a svelte package, making it hit with critics and consumers alike. This success has only boosted our passion to bring the One experience to as many people as possible.

“In that spirit, here’s an homage to little things that back a big punch.”

Curiously, though, the post had barely gone live when it was yanked down again, suggesting someone had accidentally published it early.

Yet now it's back, and looks set to stay there. Which means the arrival of the One Mini itself can't be far off. Android Police reckons the line about “our passion to bring the One experience to as many people as possible” could be a hint that HTC will be pricing the One Mini aggressively.

Or maybe it's just meaningless waffle like the infographic.

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