HTC teases ‘new sound and camera experience’ in 2013

HTC teases ‘new sound and camera experience’ in 2013Yesterday we were hearing that “ultrapixels” is expected to be the buzzword around the HTC M7 launch, with the imminent flagship tipped by some cheeky leaksters to adopt 3x 4.3MP sensor layers combined.

Meanwhile, the Taiwanese manufacturer has been doing a spot of official camera-related teasing, with an interesting infographic detailing A History of Photography.

The infographic appears over on the HTC Blog, encompassing Development of Early Photographic Technology, Photography for the Masses, and Mobile Cameras in the Digital Age.

Predictably, there’s plenty of pro HTC stuff in there, including the HTC Incredible beating the iPhone 4S to the 8MP punch, and the HTC One X providing the ability to take still photos while recording video.

Finally, landing in the present, we have: “HTC kicks off a new sound and camera experience in 2013.”

No other detail is given, but we expect said “new sound and camera experience” will feature pretty heavily in the HTC M7 launch, which is expected to go down on February 19.

The Taiwanese have not-so-subtly scheduled events in both London and New York, which pretty much screams “new flagship!”

Rumoured HTC M7 specs include a 4.7in 1080p display, quad-core processor, 2GB of RAM and 32GB internal storage.

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Pondlife  Feb. 6, 2013 at 14:41

Pity the new sound experience won't mean dropping Beats


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