HTC tipped to build ‘high-end’ Google Nexus tablet

HTC tipped to build ‘high-end’ Google Nexus tabletThe whole Nexus saga has never been more confusing. We’re told the brand might be dropped in favour of Google Play Editions, while the second-gen Google Nexus 10 (supposedly built by Asus) failed to materialise last year. And what about that mysterious Google Nexus 8?

The latest Nexus rumour suggests Google has hired the services of none other than HTC, tasking the ailing Taiwanese manufacturer with producing a “high-end” tablet for 3Q14.

That’s the story over on Focus Taiwan, which in turn gives credit to Commercial Times, noting however that the latter failed to specify its sources.

If true, HTC would be a strange choice as a high-end tablet manufacturer. We met the ill-fated HTC Flyer back in February 2011, and the US-only HTC Jetstream shortly thereafter, but since then it’s been all quiet on the HTC tablet front.

And embarrassingly, HTC was supposedly initially denied the right to make a Windows RT tablet when Microsoft opted to restrict the number of first-wave manufacturers.

More recently, in May 2013, we heard that HTC had cancelled plans for a full-size Windows 8 RT tablet on account of anticipated low demand.

Fast-forward to 2014 and Google’s first choice is HTC? Interesting. I would’ve expected a Samsung or an Asus or an LG, but perhaps Google feels sorry for its former favourite son.

HTC of course churned out the Google Nexus One, the first Nexus smartphone, while the HTC Desire was – for one quarter – the top smartphone in the US. Good times.

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Pondlife  Feb. 7, 2014 at 18:35

Would be baffling decision. But if someone doesn't throw them a crumb soon they might fade away


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