HTC: Ultrapixels and BlinkFeed for low/mid-range devices

HTC: Ultrapixels and BlinkFeed for low/mid-range devicesTwo of the big stories to come out of the HTC One launch were Ultrapixels and BlinkFeed, which – being quite cynical dudes – we immediately rolled our eyes at. Would you have us any other way?

But there’s good news for non-cynics who like what HTC is doing, as both Ultrapixels and BlinkFeed might be headed to the low/mid-range arena. Woohoo!

That’s the good word according to Phil Roberson, Head of HTC UK and Ireland, who sat down for a chat with Omio at Mobile World Congress.

With regards to BlinkFeed, Phil says: “Sense is still really the core of what we are doing on Android, and BlinkFeed is sitting on top of the core of Sense – and that will start to roll out as we go through the year.

“Wherever the technology is possible, we’re looking to take as much of the technology and enrich all of our customers.”

BlinkFeed, of course, being the homescreen feature that compiles social networking goodies and other “relevant content”. Meh.

As for Ultrapixels, Phil purrs: “If you look at what we did on the One V, that had the same image chip as we had on the One X. There is definitely the potential to take it into those spaces.”

The Ultrapixel technology is all well and good. What we have a problem with is: selling a flagship device with what is kinda technically a 4MP rear camera. Y'know, until you unleash a whole lotta jargon.

Er, perhaps worth noting that Phil Roberson has now left HTC. Uhm...

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DDC  Mar. 6, 2013 at 14:47

Not sure I agree with the whole gotta have more pixels thing.... You can get a OK A4 print from 4mp.. I've several 10 year old 3mp point and shoots that knock the socks off of my Galaxy S3 for actual picture quality at 10x8 print size..

I'd settle for a good clean 4mp shot over a noisy, blurred or under exposed 8 or 13mp one..

Looking forward to some proper back to back comparison shots before I decide if HTC are barking up the wrong tree...

More pixels normally means more noise, more memory, slower write time etc.. OK so your do get the bonus of being able to crop more but who want to crop a bad image in the first place?

My next DSLR will have double the pixels my current one has.. But I'll being using it in crop mode most of the time.... Why? Because I don't need 24mp images and I'd prefer 15mp ones that I can shoot at 7fps with a almost endless buffer (with a fast card) and benefit from the 2x focal length multiplier a cropped DX sensor gives you...


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