HTC updates Ice Cream Sandwich schedule

HTC updates Ice Cream Sandwich scheduleWe recently got an update on the Motorola Ice Cream Sandwich saga, and now HTC is teasing its users with fresh Android 4.0 info.

There’s good news in the form of more specific dates, but bad news in that some HTC devices won’t get a taste of delicious Ice Cream Sandwich after all.

Specifically, devices with "512MB ROM or less" won’t see Ice Cream Sandwich. That includes the HTC ChaCha (sorry, Jan), HTC Salsa, HTC Wildfire S, HTC Explorer, “and others”.

HTC’s tablets, including the HTC Flyer, HTC Evo View 4G (the what?!) and HTC Jetstream will remain on Honeycomb (Android 3.0). Not too many UK peeps affected there, we imagine.

The Taiwanese manufacturer stresses that “upgrades are not the same thing as ongoing support”, so you can still expect software improvements, security fixes and tech support for your non-Ice Cream Sandwich HTC device.

Ice Cream Sandwich dates for the 17 lucky HTC smartphones vary from March-June to July-August, however – before you go wetting your pants – the dates are “targets” and “may shift”.

If you’re in the HTC where's-my-Ice-Cream-Sandwich? boat, head over to this FAQ for more info.

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