HTC One Two: what’s that second hole on the back?

HTC One Two: what’s that second hole on the back?The HTC One Two (or HTC M8 or HTC One+ or HTC Two or whatever you want to call it) is one of several new Android flagships on the horizon, and while the launch is tipped for March, there’s still a ton of confusion over its features.

In particular it’s the HTC One Two’s rear that’s raising eyebrows, with a mysterious second hole above what’s presumably the rear camera.

Over on GottaBeMobile, they’re relaying a purported pic of the HTC One Two’s case, and suggesting that the hole above the rear camera is in fact for a fingerprint scanner, as found on the HTC One Max.

The only problem we have with that is: if the top hole is indeed for a fingerprint scanner, that’d spell inevitable smudginess on the rear camera. On the HTC One Max, the scanner sits where your finger rests naturally - below the rear camera.

A more plausible story, and one that’s proposed by a source of Bloomberg, is that the second hole is in fact for some sort of secondary rear camera sensor.

The “person with direct knowledge of the plans” adds that the HTC One Two launch will go down in March, with specs including a larger-than-HTC-One display. There’s no specific mention of size, but it’ll supposedly be - again - bigger than the 4.7in HTC One, but smaller than the 5.9in HTC One Max.

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Pondlife  Jan. 19, 2014 at 06:50

For laser weaponry. It's the next Bond phone. Maybe.


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