HTC Wildfire S, Three PAYG, £130 (incl £15 credit) @ Dial-a-phone

HTC Wildfire S, Three PAYG, £130 (incl £15 credit) @ Dial-a-phoneGet this HTC Wildfire S deal @ Dial-a-phone

You can currently grab the HTC Wildfire S from Dial-a-phone for £129.89. And the best part? That includes £15 of Three PAYG credit.

This is the newer HTC Wildfire S. It has a higher screen resolution than the original HTC Wildfire, and runs Gingerbread (Android 2.3).

The HTC Wildfire S also has a 5MP camera and 600MHz processor. It’s like a baby Desire. (full specs)

(Thanks to stuart9787 at HUKD)

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