HTC Wildfire (white), PAYG, £140 (incl £10 top-up) @ phones4u

HTC Wildfire (white), PAYG, £140 (incl £10 top-up) @ phones4u[A phone for crazy pyromaniacs. HTC Wildfire, £140 @ phones4u]

If you fancy an HTC Desire but can’t quite afford it, you could do much worse than its little brother, the HTC Wildfire. It’s roughly half the price, but far from just half as good. Phones4u has the white HTC Wildfire on PAYG for £130, subject to picking up £10 of credit.

The offer is available on T-Mobile or Vodafone.

The HTC Wildfire has a 3.2in screen, 5MP camera and 528MHz processor. Full specs right here, on Mobot.

The new HTC Wildfire S is out shortly, though it simply adds a faster processor and the latest version on Android. Specs here, should ye wish to compare.

(Thanks to tronic on HUKD)

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