More HTC One woes: preliminary injunction pertaining to mics made exclusively for Nokia

More HTC One woes: preliminary injunction pertaining to mics made exclusively for NokiaWe’ve written extensively about HTC One delays (here, here and here) in addition to supply shortage fears, and a further spanner has been thrown right in the proverbial works.

Nokia has torn an HTC One to bits and discovered that it cheekily houses a high-amplitude mic manufactured exclusively for the Finns.

The mic is manufactured by ST Microelectronics and was supposed to be exclusive to Team Elop, in particular for the Nokia Lumia 720.

However it’s somehow found its way into the spanking new HTC One. It’s not clear if the Taiwanese were aware of the exclusive Nokia/ ST Microelectronics deal.

A statement from Nokia beams: “In its marketing materials, HTC claims that its HDR microphone is a key feature for the HTC One, but it is Nokia technology, developed exclusively for use in Nokia products.

“Once again, Nokia calls on HTC to compete using its own innovations and to stop copying from Nokia."

Meanwhile, the Taiwanese manufacturer mourns: “HTC is disappointed in the decision. We are considering whether it will have any impact on our business and we will explore alternative solutions immediately."

Nokia describes a “preliminary injunction against the supply to HTC of microphone components”, which suggests – correct me if I’m wrong – that existing units won't be affected; it's not an injunction against the sale of the HTC One.

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