HTC: the year so far

HTC: the year so farWhen it comes to range, HTC has it covered, from the 3.2in Gratia all the way up to the 4.3in Sensation. Big? Small? Keyboard? No keyboard? Single-core? Dual-core? 3D? Android? Windows Phone 7? You want it, HTC has it.

Earlier this week we reported that HTC sold a whopping 12.11 million smartphones in Q2, exceeding its own projections by a fair whack. Crazier still, it hopes to punt 13.5 million units in Q3. iPhone 5? What iPhone 5?

In Q3 alone, HTC plans to release up to eight new smartphones. Bloomin’ ‘eck. As such, now seems like a pretty good time to take a look back at HTC’s 2011 output.

With three ‘S’ variants of existing phones and two Facebook efforts, we weren’t exactly bowled over by HTC at Mobile World Congress:

HTC Desire S

“The phone of the year has evolved,” boasts HTC. And just how has it evolved? Better camera? Dual-core processor? Larger display? Nope, nope, and nope. The HTC Desire S is almost identical to its predecessor, but slightly slimmer, and with a front-facing camera.

HTC: the year so farHTC Wildfire S

The HTC Wildfire was another existing phone to receive a minor ‘S’ upgrade. The most notable difference was the increased screen resolution, upped to 320 x 480; some apps weren’t compatible with the original Wildfire’s modest 240 x 320. The processing juice also rose a little, from 528MHz to 600MHz.

HTC Incredible S

The HTC Incredible S was a little more interesting than the above two, given that the original Incredible was US only. With a 4in display, it fit quite snugly between the 3.7in HTC Desire and 4.3in HTC Desire HD.

HTC: the year so farHTC ChaCha

Ahh, the HTC ChaCha. It was unanimously hailed as the “ugliest phone at MWC”. Martin described it as: “aesthetically a combination of an early BlackBerry and a Nokia E-Series phone on a bad hair day.” Brilliant.

Of course, that didn’t stop the HTC ChaCha from raising more than a few eyebrows, as it was one of two Facebook phones announced in Barcelona. Mark Zuckerberg even popped up. Er, in a pre-recorded video.

HTC Salsa

HTC’s other Facebook phone. The HTC Salsa doesn’t seem to have received anywhere near as much coverage as the HTC ChaCha, probably because it’s quite unremarkable. It’s essentially an HTC Wildfire S with a dedicated Facebook button and a slightly faster processor. Meh.

HTC Flyer

We had such high hopes for the HTC Flyer when it first appeared. It was arguably the most exciting device shown off by the Taiwanese manufacturer at MWC, but several months later arrived with a mere whimper.

It’s probably fair to say it’s over-priced (particularly compared to the iPad 2), and, oddly, runs Gingerbread instead of Honeycomb.

HTC: the year so farHTC Sensation

A couple of months after Mobile World Congress, HTC officially unveiled the Sensation. With a 1.2GHz dual-core processor, 4GB of on-board storage, and the brand new Sense 3.0 overlay, that’s the kinda thing we’d been hoping for in Barca.

HTC Evo 3D

Vodafone recently ditched the HTC Evo 3D, which seems fairly ominous, but and Amazon still reckon it’s arriving in early September.

HTC 7 Pro

If HTC didn’t produce Windows Phone 7 hardware, it’d be a sorry state of affairs as far as choice goes. Ok, a sorrier state of affairs.

The HTC 7 Pro is one of just two – I believe – Windows Phone 7 handsets released this year (the other being the Dell Venue Pro). As the name suggests, it has a QWERTY (sliding landscape) keyboard.

And, uhm, I think that’s it. For now…

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blizzard7  Aug. 16, 2011 at 13:01

Wouldn't be surprised to see the whole "S" range lineup get updated for Christmas. HTC Desire X anyone? :p


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