HTC’s Re camera sounds surprisingly interesting, but will it catch on?

HTC’s Re camera sounds surprisingly interesting, but will it catch on?HTC told us “something remarkable” was coming at Double Exposure tonight, and depending on your point of view, they might just have delivered

The HTC Re camera looks to revolutionise the way we takes stills and video, doing away with the notion of a viewfinder and freeing us to go mental and just shoot the crap out of stuff as it happens with what's essentially a handheld tube. I think I kinda like it.

A common observation with modern day would-be photographers (i.e. anyone with a smartphone) is that they spend all their time looking at the phone – not whatever it is they happen to be capturing.

Imagine being at a concert, for example. If you spend the whole time snapping or recording videos for YouTube or whatever, you might as well – arguably – not even be there.

Enter: the HTC Re. Don’t spend ages faffing around trying to capture the elusive “perfect shot” (how many times has it “gotten away”?); just hold this bizarre handheld action camera aloft and record stuff – in video or stills – as it happens. Friggin’ enjoy yourself, man.

Getting technical, HTC Re specs include a 146-degree super-wideangle f/2.8 lens, and it’s capable of taking 16MP still shots and Full HD video alongside 720p slow-motion and time-lapse footage.

In terms of HTC Re storage, the 8GB microSD card probably won’t last long if you make use of those fancy features, but you can shove in anything up to 128GB (phew!). Content can also be automatically synced with the cloud or a paired smartphone.

The button situation is quite interesting. There's no power button as such; the HTC Re will be always-on, always ready to shoot. Button #1 takes pictures and video (short and long press respectively), while Button #2 launches slow motion capture. That's your lot.

Finally, the HTC Re’s 820mAh battery will survive 1,200 stills or 100 minutes of video, and there's IPX7-certified resistance to dust and water.

If you’d rather see what you’re shooting, you can always hook the HTC Re up to your smartphone (Android or iOS), and similarly you can use the dedicated app to browse stuff you’ve already shot.

HTC Re price is $199.99 in the US, which realistically means around £200 in our money, and it’ll be available in white, teal, orange, and navy blue. When? Some time before Christmas is as specific as it gets for now.

We expect the HTC Re to be pretty divisive, but either way, let us know just how remarkable – or not – you think it is below.

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JanSt / MOD  Oct. 9, 2014 at 10:42

Okay: interesting? Yes. Revolutionary? Hardly. There are slightly bigger camcorders WITH a small screen. Less tubular, maybe, but c'mon.... £5.99 buys you a spy cam pen from Amazon....

The thing is: will you use this screen-free thing to record anything 'important'? I wouldn't.
If I don't see what I'm shooting, I'm not shooting. For casual shooting it's too expensive, I think.

It's nice in 'gimme one for free, and I'll treasure it' kinda way.
Mind you: it's more funner than 98% of recent 'wearables' that I have seen.


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