HTC's first dual-core phone – the HTC Pyramid – coming soon(ish)

HTC's first dual-core phone – the HTC Pyramid – coming soon(ish)If the good folks over at Android and Me are to be believed, HTC has a super-sexy flagship phone in the works that might well have the credentials to punch most other smartphones in the nether regions.

Codenamed the HTC Pyramid, it’s said to boast a 4.3in screen and dual-core processing goodness.

In a somewhat melodramatic statement, Android and Me explained: "This tip came from another regular source who has provided accurate information about several Android announcements in the past. A new, separate source also corroborated the information. As with most people that hand over sensitive information, they wish to remain anonymous." We can only assume that the sources appear in the shadows of car parks, wearing trenchcoats and whispering from behind veils of cigarette smoke.

The Yanks are all excited about the HTC Pyramid’s rumoured 4G capabilities, but that doesn’t mean diddly-squat to Edward English and his pals Scotty Scottish, Willy Welsh and Iain Irish. 4G is still a good couple of years away for the UK.

Spec-nerds (erm, that'd be us) will no doubt salivate at the prospect of the HTC Pyramid’s dual-core CPU, namely the Qualcomm MSM8260 1.2GHz Snapdragon. The display will apparently be qHD (960 x 540), just like the very nice sounding Motorola Atrix.

Rumour has it we might see the HTC Pyramid as early as May 2011 (at least in the US), just in time to get the jump on the iPhone 5. At last month’s CES, Qualcomm hinted at a Q2 release for its new dual-core chips, so it’s not entirely inconceivable.

And if that is indeed the case, we might even get a sneaky peek over at MWC. Fingers crossed…

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