HTC's fears of a first ever quarterly loss turn into reality

HTC's fears of a first ever quarterly loss turn into realityWe were warned it was coming, and sure enough HTC has just posted its first ever quarterly loss, racking up total operating losses of NT$3.5bn (£74m) for the three months ending in September.

That from total revenues of NT$47.05bn (£997m), which was less than the NT$50bn – NT$60bn HTC predicted, and well down on last year's corresponding figures of $70.2bn.

The loss can partly be put down to the supply issues we covered recently that have affect the just-launched HTC One mini. However, even without those issues HTC could well have ended up posting a loss anyway, and to its credit the company isn't trying to make it seem like that's the sole reason behind the swing into the negative.

In truth this has been coming for a while, and probably would have happened two quarters ago had it not been for the success of the HTC One. As things stand, HTC now needs a HTC One-like hail mary shot every quarter to stay in the black.

The alternative, of course, is to start seriously cutting costs, a reality HTC may have to accept if things don't turn around soon. Hopefully things don't come to that, as today's news is a bitter enough pill to swallow for HTC, especially as Samsung has just come out promising record profits for the same period.


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