HTC's One M8 stars in detailed viral video hands-on

HTC's One M8 stars in detailed viral video hands-onSo there's 22 days and counting before HTC unveils the HTC All New One/HTC M8/HTC One+/HTC One Two/HTC One 2014 (delete as appropriate).

And just to tide you over and frustrate you at the injustice of the world in equal measure, you can check out the new One in a low-fi video hands on all of 12 minutes long.

The clip itself is about as far from an official review as it's possible to get. It doesn't cover any specs in specific, and the kid doing the reviewing doesn't actually seem sure of a lot of the stuff he's showing us.

But it's clearly the All New One – a pre-release developer build obviously (complete with visible IMEI number – oops) but a legit handset all the same.

What it does show well is the brushed aluminium finish and other physical details such as the microSD card slot, revised front-facing camera layout and of course the much-discussed twin rear camera.

Frustratingly, though, our reviewer openly admits to not knowing what the second camera is actually for, and doesn't seem clued in on how Beats Audio on the One has evolved into Beats Music on the M8, and what the difference is.

But the camera, we're told, is “spectacular” and we get a half-decent sense of how the Sense 6.0 UI, revised BlinkFeed and the on-screen buttons are to use.

Overall, the camera is unsurprisingly named as the hero feature and the phone itself gets a 10 out of 10 verdict, for what that's worth all things considered.

Sadly, it seems the kid that made the clip tried to delete it once he realised the full details of the phone were visible in the video, only for the viral power of the web to kick in and see it re-posted multiple times.

Via Engadget

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JanSt / MOD  Mar. 3, 2014 at 13:27

They didn't skimp on logo size, eh? Wtf, HTC...


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