HTC’s Volantis tablet to release as Google Nexus 9?

HTC’s Volantis tablet to release as Google Nexus 9?To describe the whole Nexus thing as “up in the air” would be a bit of an understatement. LG says it’s not making a Google Nexus 6, and rumour has it the entire brand might’ve been killed off in anticipation of Android Silver early next year.

One notion that won’t go away, however, pertains to an HTC-built Nexus tablet, and here we find ourselves using the name “Google Nexus 9” for the first time, otherwise known as the HTC Volantis.

Android Police have intercepted some details about the purported Google Nexus 9/HTC Volantis, though I should stress that they had to do a spot of editing to produce the image above (the image provided was rather… murky).

Google Nexus 9 specs supposedly include an 8.9in display (2048 x 1440), NVIDIA Logan 64-bit processor, 2GB of RAM, a choice of 16 or 32GB internal storage, stereo front-facing speakers (not shown above), and 8MP/3MP cameras.

At 418g, the Google Nexus 9 is pretty freakin’ heavy, especially next to the spanking new Samsung Galaxy Tab S 8.4 at 294g, but that’s thanks to the aluminium zero-gap construction. Yeah, we'll take that trade-off.

The slightly odd thing about the rumoured Google Nexus 9 specs provided is the mention of a 4:3 aspect ratio, though the Policemen suspect that might be taking on-screen navigation and status bars into account.

As for Google Nexus 9 price, we’re supposedly looking at $399 (£235) for the 16GB, or $499 (£293) for the 32GB. Optional LTE will obviously pump the price up, too.

Before you go getting too excited, we’re told not to expect the Google Nexus 9 at Google I/O 2014 later this week. Instead, the artist codenamed Volantis will serve as the launch device for Android L in Q4. Gah.

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