Huawei announces new handset. It's an Honor!

Huawei announces new handset. It's an Honor!Android users among us will know that battery life has never been a strong point (just ask Lewis!) - so when we heard of a new handset with a 1,900mAh power pack, our ears immediately pricked up. And the specs to match it appear to be just as adventurous: Ladies and Gentlemen, we present to you, the Honor!

Actually, we didn't present it, Chinese manufacturer Huawei has done that - and its latest flagship looks like a decent bit of kit.

We're talking a 1.4GHz processor, 4-inch FWVGA screen and a radio that is set to work on both European and Asian frequencies. On top of that, an 8MP camera to the rear, 2MP round the front, 512MB ram, DLNA and, of course, Gingerbread.

Unfortunately, it won't be launching across Europe just yet with the likes of Asia-Pacific, China, Russia and the Middle East getting first dibs initially.

It'll be in black but other hues will join the party around Christmas which hopefully may then encourage manufacturers here in the UK to stock it. There is a caveat, though: Huawei has bizarrely struck a deal to sell only through Phones4U in the UK so that may impede things as you could be solely reliant on them.

If you're not massively familiar with Huawei, the company manufactures things such as the USB dongles that mobile networks try to sell us as 'broadband without wires' (yeah, right!).

And like HTC, whose success it obviously hopes to emulate (a challenge in itself), it started out making bespoke handsets with network branding but have now decided they want to push its own name too.

It's certainly refreshing to see Huawei trying to push its way further into a crowded Android marketplace. It's already announced a couple of tantalising beauties like the Vision whilst previous mobile attempts such as the Blaze and Titan were aimed at the lower end of the market.

But while the Honor may look like a beauty, sadly for now, it appears to be one which you'll have to admire from afar. Let's hope Huawei sticks a "U" in the name too if it comes our way.

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