Huawei Ascend P7 mini leaked ahead of full-size P7 launch

Huawei Ascend P7 mini leaked ahead of full-size P7 launchI won’t lie to you; I’ve completely lost track of the ridiculous Ascend numbering, as evidenced by me recently confusing the Huawei Ascend P6 and Ascend P2. To be fair, they are remarkably similar.

The next addition to the family looks like being the Huawei Ascend P7 (on May 7), and a spanking new leak suggests it’ll be joined – eventually – by a not-so-little Ascend P7 mini.

Credit goes to a Google Translation of an article from, and while phrases like “although, as a rule, everything is vice versa” remind us of the limitations of such translations, the story here is quite clear - and backed up by a series of Ascend P7 mini pics.

For starters, Huawei Ascend P7 mini specs will seemingly include a 4.5in display with a resolution of 960 x 540. That’s compared to the 5in 1080p panel on the full-size Ascend P7. Why not 720p, Huawei?

Other relayed Huawei Ascend P7 mini specs include a quad-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 400 processor, 1GB of RAM, 8GB internal storage (augmentable via microSD), 8MP/5MP cameras, a 2,000mAh battery, LTE connectivity, and Jelly Bean Android 4.3.

With Huawei Ascend P7 mini price tipped to come in at €250-300, you have to wonder why anyone in their right mind wouldn’t buy a Motorola Moto G instead.

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