Is Huawei after some Google Edition action for the Ascend P6 after all?

Is Huawei after some Google Edition action for the Ascend P6 after all?Samsung and HTC have just started selling theirs, Oppo clearly fancies some of the action too, and now Huawei reckons it's got Google's ear for its very own slice of the pie too.

We're talking Google Edition handsets, of course, the currently fashionable trend for pure Android versions of leading handsets in the absence of any real Nexus action for the time being.

It all kicked off with the Samsung Galaxy S4 Google Edition, which was announced at Google I/O last month despite rumours that an all-new Nexus 5 or refreshed Nexus 4 could be making an appearance.

HTC followed with the Google Edition HTC One, with both having gone on sale this very week via Google Play. That's only in the US, that is – just in case you'd forgotten or were suddenly getting excited.

And now Huawei says a Google Edition Ascend P6 could be on the cards – and it's official corporate-level talk too, apparently – unlike recent speculation surrounding a pure Android Oppo Find 5.

Huawei handset division boss Kevin Ho has revealed the company is “working with Google to analyse the possibility” of a Google Edition Ascend P6.

That despite Huawei president Richard Yu's claims at the P6's launch that the Emotion UI is actually better than stock Android so effectively a pure Android P6 would be a step down.

Something about facts and a good story comes to mind...

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JanSt / MOD  Jun. 28, 2013 at 20:33

Just saw that this P6 is coming to O2 Ireland at €350 on prepay... Not too shabby.


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