Huawei going for the high end with a metal-bodied luxury flagship

Huawei going for the high end with a metal-bodied luxury flagshipIf you go by the script Chinese phone makers like Huawei are supposed to specialise in products that are high on features and low on profit margins, all aimed at building that precious market share.

So how about this, then? It's an upcoming Huawei handset with a high-end aluminium chassis complete with fingerprint scanner, and apparently it's going to cost a fair bit too.

The image you're looking at has popped up on Weibo thanks to a Huawei software development engineer, and such has been the interest in the pic and the rumoured details that have surfaced with it that Huawei itself has gone on record to talk about it.

That's no surprise, really, as the unnamed device appears to be the opposite of what Huawei phones are supposed to represent.

Aside from its all-metal construction and fingerprint sensor (visible in the image), the handset is allegedly also kitted out with the mighty octo-core Kirin 920 processor, and the source behind the pic has specifically pointed out that it's likely to be expensive when it does appear.

Since then, a Huawei senior VP has effectively jumped on board to give the whole thing a bit of a spin, claiming the company has a new flagship in the works that will be “stunning” and will pack some “unique features”.

There was no mention of the metal-bodied handset pictured here, but it's hard to imagine he could be talking about anything else.

This might be one to keep an eye on.

Via Gforgames

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