Huawei Honor 6 Plus launches with ‘Symmetrical dual camera technology’

Huawei Honor 6 Plus launches with ‘Symmetrical dual camera technology’The Huawei Honor 6 recently touched down in Europe, and currently sells on for £249.58 (black) or £249.99 (white). As I yelled back in October, that’s a whole lotta smartphone for £250.

Over in China, consumers are being treated to an enhanced version called the Huawei Honor 6 Plus, and the headline feature here is an HTC One M8-style dual camera setup.

Looking at Huawei Honor 6 Plus vs. Honor 6 specs, this new smartphone marks a pretty decent upgrade.

For starters, the Huawei Honor 6 Plus display stretches to an iPhone 6 Plus-matching 5.5in (still 1080p; no QHD here); the expandable internal storage is increased from 16GB to 32GB; and the front camera is now 8MP – up from 5MP on the Honor 6.

Further Huawei Honor 6 Plus specs include a 1.8GHz octo-core Kirin 925 processor with 3GB of RAM, and a beefy 3,600mAh battery. All sounds good to us.

But again, the big talking point with the Huawei Honor 6 Plus is the presence of dual 8MP cameras, described as “Symmetrical dual camera technology”, and yielding photos up to 13MP in size.

If phrases like “stereo triangulation principle”, “absolute depth”, “closed-loop motor” and "iterative exposure" get your juices flowing, head over to YouTube, where you’ll find a 4-minute video appropriately titled Huawei Honor 6 Plus: How The Dual Cameras Work.

Pre-orders go live right around now in China, with Huawei Honor 6 Plus price coming in at 1,999 Yuan for the 3G model (£205), or 2,499 for the 4G (£256).

There’s no word on a UK release for the Huawei Honor 6 Plus just yet, but given that the Honor 6 is available here, there’s always the chance the 6 Plus will pop up on Amazon, too, eventually. Fancy it?

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JanSt / MOD  Dec. 17, 2014 at 10:21

Not convinced by some Youtube video, tbh...
We all know by now what a mixed bag the dual camera setup of the HTC One M8 is.
The only impressive feat - it's faux 3D "Dimensions Plus" effect, is ultimately just gimmicky.
And to this day HTC hasn't found a way to share the resulting "animations"... Lose the phone, lose the pics... HTC has also been unable to fix the ridiculous high contrast issues, and its odd
fascination with green.
I honestly cannot find any reason to believe Huawei can do better. But I'd love to be surprised.
In real life. Real use. Not by some PR clip.
Another issue is the size of the thing. From reading countless reviews and comments I know a lot of folks agree that biiiiiiiiiiig flat skinny slabs aren't the best kinda objects to take photos with. Especially quick snapshot. From the Xperia Z to the Lumia 1520 and iPhone 6/Plus... Good cameras in really, really awkward hardware - I dare you to take a good one-handed snapshot with any of those without a week's worth of practice. :p
Nevertheless - decent of Huawei to try and offer something extra in the rather samey Android 'flagship' realm.


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