Huawei still planning world domination, 60 million smartphones at a time

Huawei still planning world domination, 60 million smartphones at a timeTo an extent this has been a difficult year for Huawei after a series of glitches have made a bit of a mess of its bold promises at the start of the year.

But the company is sticking to its guns, saying it will shift 60 million smartphones in total this year – an achievement that will likely cement it as the third biggest smartphone maker on the planet behind Samsung and Apple.

To take you back, Huawei started the year saying it was looking to expand on its strength in the Far East and planned to make a big push into Europe and the US in 2012, promising a host of big hitters to grab our attention, including its “best smartphone yet” for Mobile World Congress in February.

That was the all-conquering Ascend D1 Quad, of course, which was announced as the most powerful smartphone ever, never mind just from Huawei, and along with the likes of the G300 and the Ascend P1 and P1 S duo, all looked good.

But then the D1 Quad was hit by a plague of delays and issues, many surrounding the quad-core processor that made it so speedy in the first place, and incredibly we're still waiting for it to arrive - October's the current bet.

Still, the company's corporate media relations vice president Scott Sykes is unwavering in his optimism, and his prediction of 60 million handsets sold would make a three-fold increase on last year, with fully two thirds of that figure expected to be sold outside of Huawei's home market of China.

Things are already well on their way, with analysts having suggested Huawei hit that much-desired third place in the pecking order over the course of Q2. Impressive, yes, but the company was nowhere near that level at the start of the year, and there's still a lot of work to be done between now and the end of the year if that 60 million mark is to be achieved.

Presumably the Ascend D1 Quad will account for a fair few of the final tally once it does finally emerge, but probably far less than the chunk taken by the highly popular budget G300, while there's also a Windows Phone 8 handset in the pipelines too.

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