Huawei ready to skip ahead with Honour 6 announcement on 24 June

Huawei ready to skip ahead with Honour 6 announcement on 24 JuneWoah, are we up to 6 already? As in the Huawei Honor 6? Seems so, since it's apparently launching in a couple of weeks' time in China.

The latest flagship unveiling from the smartphone world is set for its grand unveiling at the Beijing National Stadium on 24 June, and will have plenty of high-end clout too.

But first the name, which for the sake of the English language we'll call the Honour 6 and not the Honor 6. But it's not extra letters that are the talking point here, but rather missing numbers.

Huawei has apparently decided to skip 4 and 5 and go straight from the Honour 3 to the Honour 6, and the reason – if you take Android Community's word for it – is that with the likes of the Galaxy S5 and iPhone 5s knocking around, skipping straight to a higher number hints at a more premium status than calling it the Honour 4 would. Sounds ludicrous enough to be true.

Anyhow, specs are expected to include the octa-core HiSense Kirin 920 processor, which is said to be a match for the Snapdragon 805 when it comes to performance.

There's supposedly 3GB of RAM on board too, but less impressive since the LG G3 laid down a Quad HD resolution marker last month is the fact the 5in display is “just” a 1080p unit.

That's about all we know, so we're still not sure whether this is the high-end aluminium bodied handset we caught wind of back in April.

Back then we reported that the unnamed Huawei in question would indeed come packing a Kirin 920 CPU but would be priced above Huawei's normal levels as a more luxury offering.

Time will tell, though without a more killer spec than the Honour 6 appears to be offering we're not sure Huawei will get away with pitching its latest flagship at a higher price purely because of a more premium construction.

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