Huawei gets sexy with Vision

Huawei gets sexy with VisionHuawei has lifted the lid on its latest Android effort, and the Shenzhen-based manufacturer promises its “sexiest smartphone to date”. Yowsers.

There’s also some sort of 3D element, but not in the autostereoscopic sense. Well, probably not. It’s not entirely clear.

The press release explains: “Huawei Vision has a complete 3D mobile phone interface that bundles handset features into 3D panels on the home screen. The interface allows you to select any panel of the home screen with one easy swipe and makes it easy to prioritize the application view to suit your needs.”

Yeah, so it’s more of a carousel UI thing than “proper” 3D. Ok.

The Huawei Vision has a 3.7in display, 1GHz processor and 5MP camera with auto-focus and flash. Its aluminium alloy uni-body comes in rose, gold, silver or charcoal. Sexy indeed. Android 2.3 (Gingerbread) will perform the OS honours.

"We are very excited to present Vision, the smartphone which strikes the perfect balance between technology and style," says Victor Xu, chief marketing guy from Huawei Device. "The unique 3D user interface heralds in a new era in Huawei's leadership, as we continue to create devices that enhance the user experience through stylish design and smart functionality."

The sexy Huawei vision will be available in "selected markets" from September.

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JanSt / MOD  Aug. 3, 2011 at 19:47

That looks sooo like an SPB Shell 3D rip.... wonder if SPB designed it? Even the centre icon seems identical.


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