Huawei uses Siri to tease MWC line-up in frankly astounding video

Huawei uses Siri to tease MWC line-up in frankly astounding videoWe’re no strangers to terrible Huawei marketing, but this one really takes the digestive biscuit.

In a spanking new video put together to tease Huawei’s Mobile World Congress (MWC) 2014 wares, the Chinese manufacturer uses Siri to get its message across. What the…? Better still, there’s a delicious slice of comedy aimed at the world’s top two manufacturers. Incredible stuff.

The Huawei/Siri/MWC video is available to watch on the YouTubes, and you should really stop whatever you’re doing and watch it RIGHT NOW. I don’t care if you’re performing CPR, delivering a baby, or on the verge of curing world hunger (while simultaneously browsing Mobot), this is more important.

Essentially, Chinese Siri lady tells us to expect a new tablet “with a beautiful slim design”, and a “huge battery” yielding “days of use”. Sounds good.

There’s also a smartphone with “an amazing front camera”, and finally a new “multimedia tablet” offering the “ultimate entertainment experience” with support for the “next generation LTE network.”

That gels loosely with a recent story suggesting Huawei would turn up in Barcelona with a smartwatch, smartphone and two tablets. Indeed, that was supposedly according to a Huawei spokeswoman.

In any case, it’s expected that one of the tablet thingies will be the Huawei MediaPad X1 7.0, which has surprisingly impressive credentials for a MediaPad device.

But back to the video! If you thought the aforementioned interaction was cringe-worthy enough, just wait for the punchline.

Thoroughly impressed by the various devices on display, the user asks: “Wow! What are they? FRUIT or SOMESONG?” Hahaha! Good lord.

“No,” explains Siri. “They are Huawei. It looks like Huawei is ready to amaze the world again.” Again, you say?

MWC 2014 opens its doors in seven days, but the Huawei launch event is seemingly going down the day before, on the Sunday. More words then.

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JanSt / MOD  Feb. 17, 2014 at 12:12

Nope, not watching it! :p You have no power over me


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