Huawei Vision, PAYG, £49.95 +£10 top-up @ phones 4u

Huawei Vision, PAYG, £49.95 +£10 top-up @ phones 4uGet this Huawei Vision deal @ phones 4u

The Huawei Vision is currently available at phones 4u for £49.95, with an obligatory £10 top-up making the checkout price £59.95. Better still, if you upgrade in-store, it’s just £39.95 with no need to buy credit.

Huawei Vision specs include a 3.7in display (480 x 800) and 5MP rear camera with flash.

Free delivery.

(Thanks to Da11as at HUKD)

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JanSt / MOD  Jun. 3, 2013 at 23:31

Is that SPB's mobile shell? LOL that software used to cost more for WinMo than this entire phone! (I'm only slightly exaggerating - the first WinMo version was something like $29.99)

Times are changing, eh...


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