Huawei on Windows Phone: it’s too hard to differentiate

Huawei on Windows Phone: it’s too hard to differentiateOne of the major problems Windows Phone has right now is convincing anyone beyond Microsoft – especially big names like Samsung, HTC and LG – to produce phones. It feels very much like Lumia, Lumia, Lumia.

Top-5 smartphone manufacturer Huawei isn’t interested either, saying it’s way too hard to make Windows Phones stand out.

TechRadar cornered Huawei Device guy Shao Yang, following a special briefing on Huawei’s home turf in Shenzhen.

“The biggest problem is the lack of DIY on Windows Phone, it's all very similar across manufacturers,"  explains Yang. "On Android you can have a very different character."

He continues: "It's hard to really differentiate between Huawei and other manufacturers [with Windows Phone]. Android is a better choice for us."

Huawei previously dabbled in Windows Phone with the Ascend W1, which racked up a handful of very positive reviews and went on to become somewhat of a minor budget hit on O2.

But with Microsoft/Nokia flooding the Windows Phone market with countless Lumia phones from entry-level to flagship, it’s understandable why Huawei would choose to stand aside – for now, at least.

Meanwhile, Huawei’s Android phones are smothered with their unique Emotion UI, which helps them stand out from the likes of Samsung et al.

With Samsung and Apple still ruling the smartphone roost, Huawei is furiously battling with LG, Xiaomi and Lenovo/Motorola for third place. In 2015, we can expect a new Ascend Mate and Ascend P at the high end, a midrange Honor effort, and Ascend G/Y phones at the low end. And not even a cursory Windows Phone. *sniff*

Huawei is, however, contemplating dual-booting tablets with Android and Windows, the first of which might pop up at Mobile World Congress (MWC) 2015 in March.

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