Hunger for iPhone 6 grows as supply begins to meet demand

Hunger for iPhone 6 grows as supply begins to meet demandOne might’ve expected demand for the iPhone 6 to wane after the initially frenzy, and indeed that notion is backed up historically with previous iPhones.

But nope! Peeps be hungry for that big old chap, with a survey suggesting that demand is in fact growing. And good timing, too, as Apple finally seems to have the supply to meet that demand. iPhone 6 for all!

Piper Jaffray analyst Gene Munster reveals some figures pertaining to iPhone 6 demand, and the upshot is: the line goes up, so everything’s good.

Specifically, 33% of people planned to buy an iPhone 6 within three months of its release – that was just before the thing was actually announced.

That figure rose to 37% immediately after the iPhone 6 was actually launched, so clearly consumers weren’t put off by the size. Or perhaps some were, but more weren’t - if that makes sense.

This time last year, hunger for the iPhone 5s dropped from 50% to 44%, but Munster says the iPhone 6's popularity continues to rise, climbing steadily to 40%.

A total of 1,004 people were surveyed, and precisely half – 50% - of them are planning to buy some sort of iPhone in the next three months, be it an iPhone 6 or earlier model.

Meanwhile, 43% are eyeing up an Android phone, which doesn’t really tell us a great deal since there are 2,457,162 very different Android devices out there at different price points – like saying you’re going to buy a Ford Focus or a Fiat.

As for iPhone 6 supply, Team Munster checked in with no less than 80 Apple stores last week, and found that 78% had the iPhone 6 in stock compared with 56% the previous week.

Now let’s all listen to Supply and Demand by The Hives (YouTube).

via: Apple Insider

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AhmadCentral  Dec. 24, 2014 at 15:29

Apple ships more devices to meet with December demand, the highest grossing month of the year.

Yep.... legit shocked.... didn't see that coming at all.

JanSt / MOD  Dec. 24, 2014 at 15:33

What can i say... To be expected. I still reckon the iPhone 6 was THE device to most disappoint me in 2014. Great performance (except for, of course, battery) let down by one of the worst designs evah... good looking on a table, impossible to handle comfortably. And both bigger iPhones brought out the 'meh...' of iOS - an efficient bore.

babylon  Dec. 25, 2014 at 09:48

A friend at work who has always been Apple was going on about the 6 when it come out, Like it did this and that, How it was so great, And it had this new thing called ApplePay, I said"NFC", He said, "No, ApplePay.
Just about sums up the people queuing for an iPhone, Not got the foggiest idea what there buying, Apple could sell that lot as an Etch A Sketch as a new screen technology and they would ApplePay through the nose for it.

Archduke Franz  Dec. 25, 2014 at 14:12

I've always thought it looks a bit crappy and cheap looking compared with the 5 and 5S, should have just made a huge version of that.


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