Hypership Lite WP7 review

Hypership Lite WP7 reviewHypership Out Of Control made my Top Ten Xbox Live Indie Games Of 2010 hotlist over at Dealspwn, so naturally I was delighted that Fun Infused Games have made the jump over to Windows Phone 7. Hypership's colourful, slick and mind-meltingly fast action - coupled with its aggressively addictive 'just one more go' dynamic - ought to be a perfect fit for mobile handsets.

And what do you know? It is. And it also happens to be free.

Hypership Lite puts players in control of a runaway spacecraft that continually picks up speed as it careens down an intricate corridor full of asteroids, mines and coins. Your constantly-firing guns will help to obliterate oncoming space junk, but you'll need preternatural reflexes to avoid labyrinthine collection of walls and floating space eyeballs.

Yeah, that's exactly how it sounds.

A selection of powerups provide a way out of a sticky situations, including a phenomenally-useful smart bomb and upgraded firepower. Otherwise, it's just you, the walls and your thumb of destiny. Several game modes (including a hardcore setting that removes lives and increases the speed) grants plenty of replayability - and the global leaderboards are an extremely addictive draw. Not to mention a seriously impressive feature for a free title.

Poor controls can kill a game like this, but luckily Hypership Lite subscribes to the standard 1:1 dragging mechanics as used in several mobile shooters. It's fluid, intuitive and means that you don't need obscure the action with your fingers.

Hypership Lite WP7 review

The presentation is also worth a mention. Hypership Lite boasts an attractive 8-Bit retro vibe that serves a double purpose: looking sharp and making sure that the action is visually uncluttered. You'll wipe out because you weren't fast enough - not because you couldn't see an obstacle coming. The in-app adverts are slightly obtrusive, but at least they don't obscure the action. They're a small price to pay for... well... no price at all.

Hypership Lite was dogged by a fair few performance issues at launch, including a stuttering frame rate and sticky controls depending on your particular handset. Luckily, though, Fun Infused Games were quick to hustle out an update that corrects these few faults, resulting in a uniformly smooth ride.


  • Slick, hectic action
  • Global leaderboards and multiple modes
  • Eyecatching retro style
  • Feels expensive yet costs nothing


  • In-app advertising
  • Occasionally choppy frame rate (to be addressed in future updates)

Summary: Hypership Lite is fast, furious, fun, frantic and free. Global leaderboards and hectic action make this an essential WP7 download.

Developer: Fun Infused Games

Price: Free - Zune

Hypership Lite WP7 review

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FunInfusedGames  May. 6, 2011 at 19:54

FYI We will be releasing a paid, no-ad version in the near future. Ads were nessassary to generate revenue but we understand many would rather buy the game and not have to deal with them. From experience I can tell you the game is easier without the ads too. You'll get an extra 80 pixels to see, which helps when you're moving fast.


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