iBlast Moki iPhone review

iBlast Moki iPhone reviewWithout sounding like a big girl’s blouse, some games exude an almost magical charm. There’s something you can’t quite put your finger on, but you find yourself completely won over after just a few minutes of play. iBlast Moki is one such game. If you haven’t played it already, do yourself a favour and go get iBlast Moki from the App Store, post-haste.

iBlast Moki is technically a physics-based puzzler, which probably sounds really boring and hence does the game a great disservice. The aim in iBlast Moki is to guide your little Moki to the goal with a series of bomb blasts. As the game progresses, there are various factors that must be taken into account, such as timing, gravity, momentum, and how certain objects behave in water. Again, that mightn’t sound particularly exciting, but it’s an absolute joy to play.

As the levels progress, the challenge increases, but new gameplay elements are always well-introduced. A genuine puzzler, iBlast Moki encourages trial-and-error, and while it can be frustrating when things don't go your way, the game never feels unfair. Conversely, it's hugely rewarding when you finally get things right.

The scenery in iBlast Moki looks fantastic, from snowy mountains and vibrant green forests to underwater areas. The game adopts colourful cartoon-style visuals, complemented perfectly by an ultra-catchy soundtrack and super-cute sound effects.

The controls are perfectly suited to the iPhone’s touchscreen. You plant bombs with a tap, and wind the timer with a circular motion. Perhaps the only complaint about iBlast Moki is that you’ll occasionally pick up the wrong item when there are several bunched closely together. More than a few times I found myself accidentally moving a meticulously placed bomb, when what I really wanted to do was adjust a different bomb’s clock. In the absolute worst case, there is an Undo button, but it’s still irksome.

iBlast Moki’s Level Editor mode allows you to create your own levels. You can share your creations with a data or Wi-Fi connection, and download new levels designed by fellow players. Combined with over 70 puzzles in the main game, iBlast Moki will keep you busy for weeks.


  • Cartoon-style visuals and catchy sound
  • Absorbing, challenging and fun gameplay
  • Comprehensive level editor


  • Occasionally irksome controls
  • Cost (£1.79)
  • Addictive

Summary: At £1.79, iBlast Moki is worth every penny. It’s just lots of fun to play; I often found myself grinning when I finally nailed the timing of my bombs, sending my Moki hurtling towards the goal. A real gaming treat.

Developer: Godzilab

Compatibility: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch and iPad. Requires iOS 3.1 or later.

Price: £1.79 @App Store

iBlast Moki iPhone review

iBlast Moki iPhone review

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