IBM: IT professionals love Android

IBM: IT professionals love AndroidWe heard yesterday that iOS had overtaken BlackBerry OS in the enterprise market, with 45% of business mobile users supposedly now rocking an iPhone of some description.

However, according to a recent study from IBM, it’s actually Android that IT professionals are most interested in.

The study surveyed 4,000 IT professionals around the globe, and discovered that a whopping 70% of them are planning to unleash appy goodness on the Android Market.

iOS garnered 49% interest (encompassing both the iPhone and iPad), while Windows Phone 7 managed a respectable 35% -  not too shabby at all considering the paltry market share it has at present.

“Mobile computing is firmly established in the marketplace and offers a means for IT professional growth as more and more organizations build applications,” explains the IBM report. “Developers looking to increase their mobile skills would be smart to look to Android.

“With its large and growing global install base, Android is ranked as being the top mobile platform over the next 24 months. This open source platform based on Java and XML offers a much shorter learning curve, and this contributes to its popularity with IT professionals. iOS remains strong in the U.S. and other developed countries.”

As for content, the IT professionals are primarily looking at cross-industry enterprise and industry-specific apps (34% and 33% respectively). Meanwhile, only 13% are interested in entertainment, and even fewer – just 10% - are contemplating the gaming route.

via: BGR

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