Ice Cream Sandwich to bring keyboard themes to Android

Ice Cream Sandwich to bring keyboard themes to AndroidWe're liking this. The king of smartphone personalisation, King Android of Google, has apparently included keyboard theming in his latest dower.

That's according to the guys at Android Central who managed to load Ice Cream Sandwich up on a Samsung Nexus S. Theming will be native and include a few options from Basic to Stone to ICS or Gingerbread (if you prefer the current pad). The guys also point out that this could lead to third party keyboard themes soon becoming available in the Android Market too.

We're not massively excited about this for the simple reason that you've been able to change the look of an Android keyboard for aaaaages simply by downloading a new one.

There are dozens available in the Market (some free, some paid) and they have lots of their own themes and input methods - from tapping in letters to swiping back and forth. Some even have much better predictive text than the native offering too.

Having said that, we're always grateful to be given something rather than have it taken away and for that reason, Android - we salute you. Not long to go now 'til we find out what other goodies are on board - the Galaxy Nexus is due to land in under two weeks!

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JanSt / MOD  Nov. 7, 2011 at 19:11

A bit of a kick to the apps devs' groin - like Nokia and their "Social" app. Still, any chance to personalise a phone's appearance is welcomed (DO YOU READ ME, Ballmer-Elop-soft)


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