Ice Cream Sandwich to reunite Android tablet and smartphone OSes

Ice Cream Sandwich to reunite Android tablet and smartphone OSesGoogle has officially dished up the details on the next big release of Android – Ice Cream Sandwich – showing off the all-important logo and pegging it for a pre-Christmas release.

And we also may now have the answer as to why Google is insisting on the clumsy Ice Cream Sandwich rather than just Ice Cream: the next-gen platform will bring the tablet and smartphone strains of Android back together in one, kind of like a sandwich, y'see?

That's our take on things, anyway. Google reckons ICS (as we'll no doubt all be calling it soon) is its “most ambitious” Android release to date, labelling it as “one OS that runs everywhere”. And that means not just tablets and smartphones, but the likes of Google TV and other applications too.

The secret to its universal applicability is a refreshed UI that can intelligently adapt to the screen size and form factor it's running on thanks to a new application framework that Google has yet to reveal much info about.

We may only be looking at a Q4 release into the public's hands, but Google gave a detailed preview of some of ICS' new features during its Google I/O Conference keynote in San Francisco today, showing off a few application concepts such as face-tracking and voice-activated camera panning for the camera app.

Google says the APIs for these new tools will be available to developers from tomorrow.

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blizzard7  May. 10, 2011 at 20:25

The final piece of the Android puzzle. This is the update which will hopefully finally bring Android through puberty and into adulthood.


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