iCloud: pricing details dribble in

iCloud: pricing details dribble inSyncing is a nightmare. That's not necessarily our assessment but that of King Steve of Jobs when he unveiled iOS5  a couple of months back.

With photos, music and video, he said it was too hard to manage it all in the 21st century. And valiantly, he had a solution up his sleeve: iCloud.

But what of the iPrice? Looks like details are starting to come through for those of us here in blighty: £70 is expected to be the annual fee - that's for 50GB of storage (don't forget, you get your first 5GB free so it's really 55GB) which is slightly more than MobileMe customers will be used to.

Fellow Europeans will pay €80. Remember, though, MobileMe will soon cease to exist so you effectively have little choice if you want to keep in the infinite loop.

Don't forget other goodies like iTunes Match too which scans your devices for music and then matches then with iTunes versions in the cloud, therefore negating upload needs unless the tune is not in Apple's battlestore.

That's set to cost $24.99 a year in the US (UK pricing pending). And we may not even get it here until next year.

Little by little, you may find your financial links to Apple heading towards the sky.

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socialjeebus  Aug. 5, 2011 at 05:05

Wonder how it'll work out in certain countries? I get 50 gb free from my mobile provider (which I don't use).

Infinite Element  Aug. 5, 2011 at 09:52

5GB is more than enough for me.


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