iCopter Classic iPhone review

iCopter Classic iPhone reviewOh man, my head. I’ve just been playing iCopter Classic with the Forest background, and I’m trying really hard to resist scooping my eyes out with a spoon.

So, iCopter Classic is a fairly typical side-scrolling helicopter thingy, in which you control your copter’s altitude with the ultimate aim of, well, not crashing into stuff.

There are four different modes in iCopter Classic. The default mode, Fun, includes power-ups and collectible gold coins that you can use to buy junk. The power-ups remove the hazards temporarily, permitting a brief period of smooth flying in which you can focus on grabbing money.

Classic mode removes all the Fun mode items. Why anyone would literally want to remove the Fun aspect of iCopter Classic is beyond me, but it’s there if you fancy it.

The final two modes are multiplayer. Two Player allows two people to play on the same iPhone. Amusing; yes. But not very practical. There’s also a Bluetooth mode for peeps with two iPhones.

Going back to those gold coins I mentioned. The Shop features an array of items. Unfortunately, the developers think you have nothing better to do than play iCopter Classic, and the items cost a freakin’ fortune.

You’ll quickly be able to afford stuff like Pause Button (weird, huh?), which allows you to, er, pause the game. You can buy Pause Button up to three times for multi-pause action. The luxury.

However, the New York and Halloween themes cost a whopping $25,000 each, demanding somewhere in the region of one hour’s worth of play. Each. A gold coin is worth just $10, but you also get bonus cash for the distance covered in one sitting.

I highly recommend avoiding the aforementioned Forest theme. Classic boasts a high contrast black and green colour scheme, but Forest features a sea of greens that’ll inevitably lead to headaches and possible nausea. Bleurgh.

The ads are a little annoying, but - as you'd expect - you can upgrade to Pro for 59p.

Finally, there are speed and gravity settings. They’re fairly self explanatory, no?


  • A handful of modes
  • Stuff to buy
  • Adjustable speed and gravity


  • Samey
  • Forest Theme will make you ill
  • Ads

Summary: iCopter Classic is ok-ish. The Shop might hold your interest beyond the first few plays, but you’re looking at some serious game time if you want to play against the New York or Halloween backgrounds.

Developer: Smackall Games

Compatibility: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch and iPhone. Requires iOS 3.0 or later.

Price: Free @ App Store

iCopter Classic iPhone review

iCopter Classic iPhone review

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