Android ICS to have hardware acceleration on by default

Android ICS to have hardware acceleration on by defaultSo, if you're one of those Android users who loves their device, loves the OS but hates the chug-chug-chuginess that we sometimes encounter on single-core devices, you'll like this.

Apparently, Ice Cream Sandwich will have hardware acceleration enabled by default. It means that all the whizz-bang visual bits like menus, scrolling, transitions, animations etc should slide along nicely without any delay or stutter without the user having to do a thing. The way Google intended, but hardware has limited to a certain extent.

This has come from a couple of Android engineers who were posting on Android Developers. The reason it's interesting is that developers had previously had to muck about with the code on a tablet to enable GPU acceleration. Whereas now, there'll be no need. Hurrah!

Even if you don't understand what it's all about, just look at it this way: it means that your Android device will now look even slicker than before. Of course, you have to get Ice Cream Sandwich first but the majority of manufacturers have now said they're in.

It's due to launch in the coming weeks after the flagship Galaxy Nexus goes on sale. We're personally hoping it'll land before Christmas.

Maybe, just maybe!

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