IDC: Amazon Kindle thingy is an eReader, not a tablet

IDC: Amazon Kindle thingy is an eReader, not a tabletInternational Data Corporation (IDC) – the crystal ball gazers who seem to have a hell of a lot of faith in Windows Phone 7 – have published some new tablet-related predictions.

iPad domination, blah blah blah… but the most interesting part – I thought, anyway – is that IDC will probably class Amazon’s tablet entry as an eReader.

“We're expecting Amazon's much-rumored, color LCD-based device to ship later this year,” said IDC’s Tom Mainelli, research director.

“Because we expect it to run a customised version of Android that ties its use to Amazon's content services, we expect the device to more closely resemble Barnes & Noble's Colour Nook than Apple's iPad 2. As a result, our current plan is to count it as an eReader.”

Going back to the stat-based stuff, IDC notes that Apple currently holds a 68.3% share of the tablet pie, but that’ll probably be more like 50% by the end of 2011. Yaaaaaaawn.

“Apple's iOS share will continue to lead by more than 40 percentage points over Google's Android for the remainder of the year, but we expect Apple's share to fall closer to 50 per cent by the end of the forecast period,” sang IDC analyst Jennifer Song.

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JanSt / MOD  Sep. 16, 2011 at 13:26

OMG... The IDC making sense? What next?

Of course it is closer to the Nook than to the iPad. Of course within a day of release it'll be hacked to run Gingerbread or whatever, but as it's been described thus far ( and confirmed by the hands-on) it'll be foremost an ereader, and then a way for Amazon to get a bigger slice of the appmarket.

But then again: the iPad could be deacribed as just a big ipod with bonus features etc etc
Those devices are all avout selling content. They all stole the Barbie doll idea - sell a naked piece of pretty that people need to buy loads of dresses for so that tantrums can be avoided.

Windows 8 will finally bring Microshaft's own appstore to a gazillion PCs... And even Ubuntu is beginning to show an interest in a slice of the pie since the Ubuntu One integration... Tescofy My Love, as Madonna sang...


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