IDC: iPad still destroying all other tablets, Samsung in second

IDC: iPad still destroying all other tablets, Samsung in secondResearch guys IDC are back in da house with some new tablet figures for quarter the third of 2011. No surprises for guessing that the iPad is still kicking several shades of tablet butt.

Apple boasts an incredible 61.5% of the tablet market, and cranked out 11.1 million iPad units in Q3 – up a fair bit from 9.3 million in Q2.

However, Apple naysayers will be keen to point out that Team Cook’s share of the tablet action has actually dropped a bit over the past few months. In Q2 it had an even greater share of 68.3%.

Furthermore, IDC reckons Android’s slice is set to rise dramatically in Q4, from 33.2% in Q3 to 40.3%. Thanks will be owed to the Amazon Kindle Fire.

Samsung currently lays claim to second place, but its Galaxy Tab accounts for just 5.6% of the tablet market. Oh dear.

IDC’s Tom Mainelli roared: "Amazon and Barnes & Noble are shaking up the media tablet market, and their success helps prove that there is an appetite for media tablets beyond Apple's iPad. That said, I fully expect Apple to have its best-ever quarter in Q4 2011, and in 2012 I think we'll see Apple's product begin to gain more traction outside of the consumer market, specifically with enterprise and education markets.”

Jennifer "IDC" Song sang: “Apple's larger portfolio of tablet-specific apps, upcoming iPad versions, and growing physical store presence in key emerging markets like Asia/Pacific will help maintain its global leadership. However, an improving Android OS experience and lower competitor pricing in an environment with worldwide economic concerns should help Android to increase its market share.”

That’s enough tablet goodness for now, methinks. I’m up out this biatch.

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Rubisco  Dec. 18, 2011 at 20:20

I Don't Care.

JanSt / MOD  Dec. 20, 2011 at 10:30

So, Android will be helped by the Kindle Fire that runs AndroidIsh rather than proper Honeycomb with a Market and a good browser?


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