IFA 2014: new and improved Motorola Moto X to bring Moto Maker to the UK at last

IFA 2014: new and improved Motorola Moto X to bring Moto Maker to the UK at lastMotorola announced its flagship Moto X replacement at IFA 2014 in Berlin this morning, and as with the new Moto G, it has decided to stick with the original's name.

So there's no Moto X+1 or any other twist on the moniker, but don't let that fool you: the 2014-spec Motorola Moto X is a vastly improved smartphone over the model it replaces.

With its bigger 5.2in display packing a full HD resolution, and flagship-grade Snapdragon 801 processor it's a match for many high-end rivals, but it's also kept the more interesting features that set it firmly apart from the pack.

That would be the online Moto Maker service that allows you to customise your Moto X's appearance and character using a range of colours, accents and materials.

The big news for us is that Moto Maker is finally coming to the UK, so we'll finally get the Moto X experience as originally intended.

Aside from the choice of colour, you can opt for a bamboo or even a leather body if you're feeling adventurous. Whatever you go for, the 2014-spec Moto X offers the added physical appeal of aluminium edges, an important addition that boosts both its appearance and strength.

The 5.2in Super AMOLED display is a full half-inch bigger than before but doesn't turn the Moto X into a hulking beast thanks to its impressively thin bezels.

With a 2.5GHz quad-core processor on board and 2GB of RAM there's plenty of power to play with, you get 16GB of storage (a 32GB model is on the way) and 2300mAh of battery power.

The camera around the back has been boosted from 10MP to 13MP and now offers features such as 4K video capture and voice control.

As with the Moto G, Motorola has been pleasingly restrained in its tweaks to the base Android 4.4.4 KitKat OS, and promises Moto X owners won't have to wait long for an Android L upgrade once Google has announced it.

The Motorola Moto X will be available this month, and has been priced at £419.99. That's well over double the price of the pocket-friendly Moto G, but with the customisation features of Moto Maker added to a package that already scores highly on looks and specs, the revised Moto X seems to offer plenty for your money.

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satchef1  Sep. 12, 2014 at 19:23

Just been reading some reviews. Sounds like Motorola nailed it this time out; "The best Android smartphone ever made" - The Verge. My next handset will be this, a Z3 Compact or the Lumia 930 I think. I look forward to giving the Moto X a spin so I can decide for myself.


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