iFighter 1945 iPhone review

iFighter 1945 iPhone reviewAs someone who has spent an unhealthy amount of time playing vertical “bullet hell” shooters like Ikaruga, I can safely attest that iFighter 1945 firmly deserves a place among those titles.

iFighter 1945 is the most brutally unforgiving game I’ve played on the iPhone, and it’s great.

As the name suggests, iFighter 1945 takes place at the tail end of World War II. Your mission is to “destroy the secret weapon prototypes of the Nazis”. Fantastic.

You have the choice of three fighters by default, each rated by Attack, HP, Recover and Speed. There are two others available to unlock; all you have to do is beat the game on hard (impossible, I guarantee). Alternatively, you can pay 69p up front.

There are three difficulty levels, but even on normal it’s pretty hard going. I suspect unlocking the two bonus fighters from the start would make the game significantly easier, which is arguably a tad cheeky, but whatever. The developers are probably living off Savers bread and beans, and if people want to buy their way through the game, it’s their choice.

Anyway, with your chosen fighter, you have to shoot other planes, trains, tanks and ships, among others. Groups of golden fighters occasionally appear, and shooting them all yields power-ups and delicious H (er, health). You also have a supply of bombs, which obliterate everything on the screen. Awesome.

There are eight levels in total, and at the end of each is a bastardly boss waiting to consume hours of your time with its pink and purple bullets.

The game includes checkpoints, which bullet hell stalwarts might frown upon, but iFighter 1945 will often start you off with the ability to take zero hits. Yes, iFighter 1945 is that much of a bastard.

The original soundtrack deserves a mention. It’s suitably grandiose, and fits perfectly with the action. iFighter 1945 looks great too.

Woah, I almost forgot the controls. There are four methods to choose from: touch (which follows your finger), relative (which means you don’t have to obscure your fighter with your finger), joypad (er, if you have one), and motion (not ideal when precise movements are critical).

If you’re not quite convinced about paying 69p for the full version, check out iFighter 1945 Lite first.


  • Looks great
  • Sounds great
  • Array of power-ups


  • Stupidly, stupidly hard at times

Summary: iFighter 1945 is an absolute must for fans of the vertical shooter genre. Even if it’s not your bag, give the Lite version a go. You’re in for a treat.

Developer: EpicForce Entertainment

Requirements: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch and iPad. Requires iOS 3.1.3 or later.

Price: 69p @ App Store

iFighter 1945 iPhone review

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blizzard7  Aug. 9, 2011 at 19:51

Thumbs up for mentioning Ikaruga :D Looks like a cool game even if it is a safe idea and steals its name from the game 1942.


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