IHS: 800 million flexible display shipments in 2020

IHS: 800 million flexible display shipments in 2020Flexible displays are constantly threatening to arrive and change our respective worlds forever, not just in smartphones and tablets, but across a multitude of devices.

It seems like an impossible dream at the moment, but come 2020, just seven years from now, shipments are predicted to hit a whopping 800 million. That's a heck of a lot of bendy stuff.

That’s the word from the predict-a-trons at IHS, with a crystal ball revealing a beautifully bendy future.

"Flexible displays hold enormous potential, creating whole new classes of products and enabling exciting new applications that were impractical or impossible before," roars Vinita Jakhanwal, IHS’s director for mobile and emerging displays and tech.

"From smartphones with displays that curve around the sides, to smart watches with wraparound screens, to tablets and PCs with roll-out displays, to giant video advertisements on curved building walls, the potential uses for flexible displays will be limited only by the imagination of designers."

IHS puts flexible displays in four categories. Firstly, you’ve got your durable chaps that don’t actually bend as such, followed by second-gen thingies that can be molded to curved surfaces.

Group three contains truly flexible displays, intended to be bent into oblivion by human hands. Finally, there are cheap disposable displays that could potentially – wait for it – replace paper.

Man, I can’t wait for futuristic video ads on my newspaper. Am I being sarcastic? Yeah, probably.

via: DigiTimes

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