IM for Nokia: another free messaging service lands

IM for Nokia: another free messaging service landsWe love it when new technologies hit the mainstream. In 2011 alone, we've seen NFC go mainstream, 3D make its way to the mobile space, and now we have another hot new tech to talk about: instant messaging. Wait, hang on...

Hot on the heels of Apple's iMessage comes IM for Nokia, the Finland-flavoured messaging service that's available now for Nokia users.

Like iMessage and BlackBerry BBM – not to mention third-party messaging services like WhatsApp – IM for Nokia provides a free messaging platform via your data connection, further reducing the need for the old-school text message (providing you have the data to play with in the first place, of course).

You can hook up with other Nokia users that have the IM for Nokia app installed or an Ovi Mail account, as well as Google Talk, Windows Live Messenger, Yahoo Messenger and MySpace IM users. The only glaring omission, in fact, is Facebook Chat.

As for new, new Nokia devices will ship with IM for Nokia pre-installed. For anyone else, it's a free download from the Ovi Store.

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