In-app purchasing for Windows Phone 8 only

In-app purchasing for Windows Phone 8 onlyIn-app purchasing has proved ludicrously lucrative for developers of late. More and more Android and iOS apps are in fact initially free, with money instead being made through irresistible in-app content and that.

Now we’re hearing that in-app purchasing is coming to Windows Phone 8, but not Windows Phone 7.8.

The news is tucked away in a little paragraph over on the Windows Phone Dev Center, in the “Submit and Sell” section.

Under the heading “Making money with in-app products”, Microsoft notes (in bold): “You can only add in-app products to Windows Phone 8 apps.

It’s another kick to the crown jewels for the Windows Phone faithful currently rocking Windows Phone Mango. They’ve been told that they won’t be upgraded to Windows Phone 8, but will instead receive a watered down version in the form of Windows Phone 7.8.

In-app purchasing joins the list of features that won’t make it to Windows Phone 7.8. In fact, one of the only things confirmed for Windows Phone 7.8 is a new Start screen. Er...

Anyway! Windows Phone 8’s in-app purchasing will tie in with Microsoft's Wallet Hub, which also manages NFC (Near Field Communication) and contactless payments and what not.

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