Infinity Blade 2 iOS review

Infinity Blade 2 iOS reviewOk, I’m only – what? – six months late with this one, but, in my defense, I only recently upgraded to modern iTechnology with the new iPad, and I hadn’t played the first Infinity Blade. Much.

Now, having scraped together 20-odd hours to hack, slash, block, parry and stab my way through both games, I’m now in a position to provide – for posterity – Mobot’s Infinity Blade II review. Huzzah!

If I had a little less integrity, I could’ve scouted around and confirmed that – yes, Infinity Blade 2 offers much the same experience, and scribbled a few hundred words to that effect some time ago.

Alas, my brain demanded satisfaction in the form of playing both games to death.

Rather than bore you with the basics, I’ll refer you back to Jon’s original Infinity Blade review. Infinity Blade 2 does all that stuff and more.

There are tons more weapons, tons more bad guys, and tons more locations. While the first Infinity Blade was fairly linear (essentially you could go down through the well or up through the castle), Infinity Blade 2 has several branches. Indeed, I even drew a bloomin’ map.

Infinity Blade 2 iOS review

The story in Infinity Blade 2 pretty much picks up where the first one left off, and – as before – it makes little to no sense whatsoever.

There’s something massively convoluted going on involving the God King (I thought I killed him at the end of the first Infinity Blade), the Deathless (actually, that would explain the previous parentheses), The Worker, and Titans.

There’s also some sort of Assassin's Creed element (without saying too much), but it’s all just a lame excuse to fight massive baddies that fill the entire screen.

This time around, there are three fighting styles. You have the standard sword and shield combo, but Infinity Blade 2 introduces ultra-powerful heavy weapons (the trade-off being that you lose your shield), and dual-wielding (again: no shield, but there’s potential for massive combos).

Another new element in Infinity Blade 2 comes in the form of gems, which can be added to equipment to provide bonuses. Among dozens of others, we’ve got XP+25%, and a gem that boosts your shield when you use magic.

In the six-or-so months since Infinity Blade 2’s release, we’ve had a handful of free downloadable content, most recently “Vault of Tears”. There are now even more locations, and online multiplayer (“Clash Mobs”) in which bonuses are awarded if X people can perform Y (beat a giant baddie in 30 seconds, for example) before the challenge expires.

Infinity Blade 2 iOS review

Needless to say, Infinity Blade 2 looks absolutely fantastic – even better than the original. The locations are far more varied, and the cherry blossom trees in particular stand out as highlights. Lovely.

Have I missed anything? Oh, Infinity Blade 2 also includes XP challenges in fights: perform five dodges, don’t block, don’t use magic, perform 10 scratches, that kinda thing.

And that’s Infinity Blade 2. Ultimately, it’s more of the same, but when “the same” is one of the best smartphone games of all time, that’s hardly a bad thing.


  • Looks incredible
  • More weapons, more locations, more baddies
  • Free DLC, and more to come


  • Block, stab, parry, repeat
  • Demands several play-throughs; lots of grinding required
  • Slow progress towards the more expensive weapons

Summary: Yep, Infinity Blade 2 is very much like its older brother, but with loads of wee – and some not so wee – extras here and there. Best game on the App Store? Yeah, probably.

Developer: Chair Entertainment Group

Requirements: Compatible with iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPod touch (3rd generation), iPod touch (4th generation) and iPad. Requires iOS 4.0 or later.

Price: £4.99 @ App Store

Infinity Blade 2 iOS review

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JanSt / MOD  Jun. 28, 2012 at 17:06

sorry...I must have drifted off :p That game is like an Emmerich movie without the depth


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