In-Location Alliance aims to improve indoor location-based stuff

In-Location Alliance aims to improve indoor location-based stuffGoogle Maps moved indoors in the US and Japan back in November, and more recently the United Kingdoms got in on the action.

However, an angry mob calling itself the In-Location Alliance has decided to crank things up a notch.

The In-Location Alliance boasts some big names, including Broadcom, Nokia, Sony Mobile, Qualcomm, and some crew calling themselves "Samsung Electronics". Never heard of ‘em.

What’s their goal? The press release explains: "The aim of the In-Location Alliance is to act as a pioneer opening up new business streams for indoor environments. Indoor positioning is the next frontier of mobile services, offering great opportunities to enhance consumer experiences.

“For the benefit of enterprises, the Alliance will drive a world-wide indoor positioning system for use in major venues. Our pilots, along with technical evaluations, are paramount for driving rapid market adoption."

My favourite sentence adds: “The other important task for the Alliance is to ensure a multivendor environment by promoting open interfaces and a standard-based approach.”

In reality, for Joe Consumer, the potential benefits include precise directions to products, personalised product recommendations, and even increased security in emergencies. No arguments here.

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