INQ contemplating Windows Phone action

INQ contemplating Windows Phone actionGigaOM’s Om Malik reckons many smaller handset manufacturers aren’t too enamoured with the whole Googorola thing, and that some might be forced to have a wee rethink about their strategy.

Hutchison Whampoa-owned INQ is one such manufacturer, and CEO Frank Meehan (left) has been speaking to Om about the company’s future.

“We see a number of major vendors very seriously considering Windows Mobile as a core platform and therefore we are following their lead and examining it as well to complement our work in Android to date,” explains Frank.

That “work in Android” of course includes the INQ Cloud Touch “Facebook phone”.

Frank isn’t impressed with all this patent nonsense either. “From a group perspective at Hutchison Whampoa, we have worked hard at bringing Android to consumers across our operations,” he says. “However this year there has been a dramatic increase in the way companies are looking to maximize the potential revenues of IPR (intellectual property) holdings, and the trend for many companies is now to concentrate on litigation rather than innovation.”

Indeed, as far as the patent stuff goes, Windows Phone 7 might be the safer option. Frank notes: “The advantages with Windows Mobile is that the legal issues and resulting costs seem to be much less.”

And in a brilliant closing comment, Frank added: “It is telling that the Motorola Board decided that they could get more value out of 15-20 year old patents rather than use their huge R&D to create new exciting technologies over the next 10 years which is what Motorola used to do very well.” Zing!

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Stelph  Aug. 23, 2011 at 14:29

Interesting stuff considering, like you say, INQ have laready released an Android Phone so have got familer with the OS. I assume switching would be a big step and since I am a fan of INQ (loved their first phone) I would be gutted if they had such a large gap between phone releases as they had in the lead up to the INQ Touch.


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