How do I install a new iOS 8 keyboard?

Where can I find new iOS 8 keyboards and how do I install them?

Also what are some of the best iOS 8 keyboards?

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JanSt / MOD  Nov. 23, 2014 at 19:03

You install the new 3rd party keyboards for iOS 8.x.x like any app from the appstore.
Once installed, hit the new icon on your homescreen. All those new keyboards have a little tutorial and setup guide. They show you how to enable them.

You can also go to Settings, Language and Keyboard.
There it shows available keyboards. Find the one that you just installed and enable it.

BUT: the second part of the question? I tried 3 or 4 new keyboards. They all suck in my opinion.
Swipe input will forever be nothing but a fad in my eyes. Maybe you enjoy Swype. I don't. Also:
when you played with swipe input on WP 8.1, the Android and iOS implementations suddenly seem even worse.
BUT: keyboards are very much things of personal taste and preference.
Best you try a few yourself. I'm not auto-correct and word suggestion kinda guy.
I'm perfectly happy with the built in keyboard in iOS.


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